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Premium Quality Nursery Stock
Hudgins Outdoor Solutions  presents premium quality nursery stock, including popular screen plants such as Green Giant Arborvitae, Ligustrum,Holly and Bayberry.
We also have a good selection of flowering trees such as Dogwoods, Redbuds,Cherries, and Crabapple as well as  great cultivars of Japanese maples both weeping and upright just to name a few!
Popular Plants for your Foundation
If larger growing trees are what you need, Hudgins Outdoor Solutions is ready to plant: Red Maples, Sugar Maples, fast growing Elm varieties, as well as Weeping Willows and River Birchs for those hard to grow wet areas.
For your foundation we offer a great selection popular plants like Japanese Holly, Chinese Holly, Azaleas, Junipers, Nandinas ,as well as all the new varieties such as Distylium,  Sunshine Ligustrum, spring and fall blooming Camellias, Encore azaleas,  cold hardy Gardenias and burgundy leaf Loropetulum.
deer resistant.jpg
Deer Resistant Plants
If deer are a problem in your yard Hudgins Outdoor Solutions  has a good lineup of deer resistant plants for sun or shade. If you like doing your own planting, we deliver to the Chesterfield and Richmond areas.
Hudgins Outdoor Solutions Prides itself in handling only premium grade quality Nursery stock which means high performance plants for your landscape projects.
​Spring / Summer

As your early Spring is in bloom, we can prepare your garden for Summer display with annuals. 

Winter / Fall

Fall time is planting time for springtime bloom such as daffodils, crocus, rudbeckia, dahlia and pansies.

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